The 2022 event is set for Sunday June 12th at 9:30am.

Whether it’s your first race, or you are a seasoned runner in training for a summer or autumn full/half marathon, the Chew Valley 10k is here for you. It’s a fun and friendly atmosphere, and if you ignore the giant hill slap-bang in the middle of the course, it’s actually quite an enjoyable event.

If you needed more incentive, the Chew Valley 10k also has some prizes. Once the results are in and checked, there are trophies available to the winner overall, and then the winners in the following categories –

First Male
First Female
First Junior Female 15-18 yrs
First Junior Male 15-18 yrs
First Female 19 – 39 years
First Male 19 – 39 years
First Female 40 – 49 years
First Male 40 – 49 years
First Female 50 – 59 years
First Male 50 – 59 years
First 60 +
First 70 +

Only male and female categories will be captured in results for ranking purposes; however, please note that all non-binary times are captured in the overall race results. The reason for this is as a National Governing Body, England Athletics adhere to the International Association of Athletics Federation (IAAF) Rules and Regulations.

Technicalities: Our race is sanctioned by England Athletics (UKA Licence no: 2022-42519), and we abide by their “UKA Rules of Racing”. Therefore, headphones are not allowed… however, they have updated their rules to allow Aftershokz bone conducting headphones ONLY. This link at their website explains.

On the day

view from the start

The race starts by Bishop Sutton Village Hall, this would be the perfect location for family and friends to gather and cheer on the runners. Consider this Race HQ – we will have refreshments available and much more planned.

For the runners, Race HQ provides toilets, shelter from the rain and a supervised bag drop centre. First Aid cover will be provided by the Avon & Somerset Rescue Team.

More detail will be confirmed as we near the event, and this website will be updated as soon as information becomes available. Feel free to engage with us via our Facebook Page , Instagram and Twitter Feeds .