When is it? – Sunday 12th June 2022 – the bell rings at 9.30am

Do I really get a free technical t-shirt for entering? – Yep, you really really do

Can I enter the race on the day?– No entries on day, under UKA Covid guidelines

Can I raise money for a charity? – Yes, definately… please let us know who you are raising money for and we’ll put a link on our website promoting your cause

Can I help if I don’t want to run? – Yes, indeed. Let us know at email@chewvalley10k.co.uk

Will the road be closed? – Yes, at the start, the main A368 Wick Road will be closed from 9am-10am. Some of the roads towards the finish are also closed temporarily until 11.15am – the rest of the route is open, but with minimal traffic usually.

Is the race chip-timed? – Yes, once entered, your race number with chip will be mailed to you in advance of the event date – there will be no on the day registration.

Do I get a medal? – Yep, and a free ribbon

Can I power walk? – If you can get around the course in under 1h 45 then Yes ..but after this time the roads will re-open in the finish area and we cannot provide you with the attention you deserve when crossing a finish line

What else do I need to know?

  1. The event is run under UK Athletics (UKA) License (2022-41291)
  2. Storage facilities will be available
  3. MP3 players are not permitted generally – unless with Afterskokz Bone conducting headphones
  4. Information will be sent out in advance of race day and will be available here on our website