Yes, Yes .. we know you just want to turn up on Sunday 10th June 2018, put a pair of trainers on and sprint around the Chew Valley 10k course.  Then eat some cake, and be done!

However, it is suggested that running 10,000 meters is more comfortable if you do some preparation, so here we are to help.

there he is - that's Ross
there he is – that’s Ross

Our Official Fitness Partner, Ross Elliott Fitness, has produced a 12-week training plan, as below, to help us all get round the course and still feel good.  It’s not just for the newbie runner, those who have been running a while may also benefit from a structured plan to help get the best results on the day.

In the meantime, you can also join Ross at Chew Valley Leisure Centre on a Thursday Night from 8pm for an hour of Circuit Training, all levels welcome.  This will help build up fitness and your core strength to get you up that hill.

Ross is available on is Twitter and is happy to help should you have any direct questions – @FitnessRoss




Things to remember:

The plan isn’t set in stone so if you do the sessions on different days that’s ok, you need to work it around your own schedule.

If you miss a session don’t worry, just move to the next session on the programme.

If you are finding the sessions too tough don’t be afraid to adjust to suit yourself. The good thing about starting your training now is you have plenty of time to build up. We are looking for a gradual progression.

Don’t worry about any hill running at this stage, I will give more information on my hill training sessions at a later date.

Training for a 10K doesn’t have to take over your life in the way preparing for a marathon can. The 10K allows you to set goals and train hard, but also enjoy the scenery and still have time to see friends.

Strength training exercises can be found under the training tips section of the website