I’m a running mother with a dashing here and there life style.

Working, Mother, Wife and dog walker.

Running takes me away and gives me freedom and then I can generally eat naughty things!

I started running at school. Primary – I loved all sport and secondary, I was hopeless at cross country but now love it. It’s about running slower for longer. The running I enjoyed at school was the 200 metres (run around the bend, then give it your all!)

After having children, it was the quickest, easiest exercise to fit in. Find a spare half hour, on with the trainers and out the door.

I’ve enjoyed many events, marathons, half marathons, 10ks and doing off-road events such as Tough Mudder, Rok the Stones and the Rat Race (world’s longest, biggest obstacles race with 200 obstacles over 20 miles). These days I enjoy social runs at running club.

If you fancy running, find a buddy, visit a running shop for good shoes, start slow with walking sections and then build on walking less.

Most of all have fun…..!

Jo Burke
CV10k Course Director

A Running Mother – guest blog by Jo Burke