the Chew Valley 10k – 2020

Thank you for your patience whilst we sorted out the cancellation of our much loved Community event – we hope you are keeping safe and well?
We have now set up our Virtual Chew Valley 10k and we very much hope that you will enjoy taking part – we thank you for your support with this and look forward to seeing you again when we can safely organise the next event, hopefully next June 2021 (date tbc). 
So how does it work?
  •  It’s all about running a 10k in a safe way (according to the latest Government guidelines)
  • All existing entrants have been transferred to the Virtual Chew Valley 10k event and will have received an email from us 
  • In order to encourage activity in these strange times, we have created two new tickets:
  • Complete your 10k whenever and wherever you want during May, June and July 2020 – round the garden, during your allowed daily exercise near to where you live, up and down the stairs in your house – however you want – just remember, please stick to the latest Government guidelines
  • If you want to, download the Race Nation App for free and join the Chew Valley 10k on Strava and let your friends and family know when you are running it, so they can virtually support you (optional). Entrants can be tracked in the Race Nation App, meaning that self-isolating friends, family and colleagues can still track the entrant’s virtual progress! Please note: entrants will have the ability to turn tracking off if they wish, as well as securing their tracking via friend codes. You can also upload a photo within the App for us to use in our gallery (if you would like to!) This is all optional.
  • After your 10k completion, post a photo/evidence of completion on our Facebook page, on Twitter (tag us in @chewvally10k) or Instagram (tag us in #chewvalley10k). This is optional, but allows us to inspire your fellow runners in the CV10k community. Or you can simply email us the photo at, or add evidence in the field on your account at your email address as your log in).
  • Why not run to raise funds for one of our beneficiary charities  – at the click of a button on the entry page, you can create a Sportsgiving fundraising page. Or, maybe you want to run for a charity close to your heart, or for the NHS, or just for yourself – the choice is yours and we will gladly share your stories on our social media platforms, so do get in touch!
  • Once all the above is complete and lockdown is over, we then get your medal to you by arranging collection points, or via the CV10k team’s daily allowed cycle/runs if local, by dropping off at local schools once re-opened, or we’ll post it to you if you are not local.

Younger Junior Virtual CV10k Entrants
With the benefits of exercise well documented and Mental Health Awareness week fast approaching (18-24 May 2020), we wanted to use our event to encourage activity amongst younger people too (as well as adults) – an opportunity to take a break from studies to enjoy training for and taking part in our Virtual event . For our younger participants, please feel free to use your imagination and take several days or more to complete a 10k distance (there are no strict rules on our part.) Run, walk, cycle, at home or out with your household, or in your garden – simply let us know when you have completed it and send us some photos. You can do this by email at, or tag us in #chewvalley10k on Instagram, on Twitter @chewvalley10k or on our Facebook page. Or add a note in the field on your Race Nation account. 

Small Print

Just as a final reminder, it is really important that you follow the latest Government guidelines when completing your 10k distance. You may like to work towards doing your 10k in as fast a time as possible, or you may decide to put together a series of activities at home that equate to the distance over several days. We just want to encourage activity at home and local to your home, so that everyone can reap the positive benefits, have some fun in these strange times and receive our CV10k medal as a minimum, supporting our event in the process and enabling us to get back to organising our next event as soon as possible. We ask that you take responsibility for your actions and we ask that you supervise any junior activity within your household unit to ensure they are safe.
We would like to thank you sincerely for your continued support and commitment in these unprecedented times – we hope your training is going well and if not, that we can encourage you to use the coming weeks to focus on getting active. Keep safe and enjoy taking part in our Virtual event – as Grace’s wonderful 2020 tech tshirt design says, we are All in this Together – we think the joy of running is exactly what we all need right now.
Good luck! We look forward to seeing you all again in the future. You can keep up-to-date by following us on Facebook, Twitter @chewvalley10k and Instagram or can contact us at